Diets Don't Work

Feb 21, 2022

When we say “dieting”, we mean intentionally changing the way you eat (which foods, how much), despite your body needing/wanting you to eat a different way, usually with the aim of making your body smaller. Your body needs carbs, fat, and protein, and enough of each of these to keep you satisfied and fueled throughout the day. If you are restricting carbs, fat, or protein…or restricting calories overall…you may be dieting.


Dieting doesn’t work. Most people diet to lose weight, and for the vast majority of people, dieting doesn’t work to lose weight. Various studies where the participants cut carbs, cut fat, cut overall calories, all had similar results (Long et al., 2020). The participants lost a small amount of weight in the first year. Some also showed lower blood pressure or cholesterol. But after a year, weight, blood pressure, and blood tests largely returned to where it where they were before the dieting. Some people even had a...

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Raising Intuitive Eaters

Feb 04, 2022

We’re all born intuitive eaters! Babies know when they’re hungry, and they stop eating when they are full. We don’t “grow out” of being intuitive eaters, but many of us lose touch with our intuitive eating skills. Don’t despair! We can relearn intuitive eating at any point in our lives!


How can we as parents help our children stay in touch with their intuitive eating skills?


  • Honor our children’s hunger and fullness
    • Provide meals and snacks when our children are hungry (within reason; no need to drop everything to make a snack when dinner is almost on the table)
    • Don’t force eating by saying “just one more bite”, “no dessert til you eat your vegetables”, “clean your plate”
    • These phrases may override our children’s natural hunger and fullness


  • Enjoy family meals
    • So much research supports the benefits of family meals!
    • Talking at the family table is good for everyone...
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Ditch the Dieting: Weight Cycling Health Risks

Jan 21, 2022

What is weight cycling? Also called “yo-yo dieting”, weight cycling is a pattern of weight loss and regain. This is a paradox because people who experience weight cycling are typically dieters in pursuit of weight loss, but they often end up regaining it, plus more.

What are the risks of weight cycling? Research suggests that weight cycling may increase someone’s risk of developing chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease more than if someone remained in a larger body. Furthermore, there is increased risk of eating disorders and body dissatisfaction.

Why does the weight come back? Because dieting doesn’t work. Dieting may initially cause weight loss in the first couple weeks or months, but over the years, an estimated 80% of dieters regain the weight. 

What happens when you diet? When you restrict calories, your metabolism slows, and requires less calories than someone of a similar size who is not calorie-deprived. You would theoretically...

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Jan 10, 2022

Most of us have been weighed at the doctor’s office. Some of us may have brought children to the doctor where they are weighed. It can be uncomfortable, and even stressful. Then, the doctor comes in and starts talking about the number on the scale, and another number known as BMI, or body mass index.

            What is this number? What does it mean that I’m a 19, or a 24, or a 31? Turns out, it might not mean that much in terms of your health.

            BMI is a number that combines weight and height using the formula BMI = kg/m^2. This number was thought to be useful since 100 pounds for a little kid is different than 100 pounds for a fully grown adult. The medical world has decided that certain BMI values are deemed a healthy weight [for height], and that values outside this range are less healthy, or may come with health risks. 


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Body Image and the Appearance Ideal

Dec 02, 2021

The “Appearance Ideal” is what society tells us the “perfect woman” looks like. Think perfect skin, toned, large-chested, ultra-slender. (Notice, some of these features are pretty incompatible…)

The appearance ideal is not the same as the healthy idea. To achieve the appearance ideal, people go to extreme lengths to get the “super model” look, including unhealthy weight control behaviors. The goal with the appearance ideal is to become thin in a way that is neither realistic nor healthy. The goal with the healthy ideal is wellness, feeling good physically and mentally, and longevity.

The appearance ideal hasn’t always been the same as it is now. The “perfect woman” has looked different throughout history. Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, Renaissance women, Kim Kardashian all look different, and were all the “perfect women” of their time.

Also, the appearance ideal can be different for different cultures and ethnic...

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6 Simple Tips to Navigate Holiday Eating

Nov 17, 2021

Holidays can be stressful for many reasons, and especially stressful for people on a journey to a better relationship with food.

Why are we so stressed out?

  •  Changes in mealtimes
  •  Different “comfort” foods
  •  Traveling
  •  Seeing family after a long time apart
  •  Dressing up for family meals
  •  Family members’ comments about appearance

Guess what?

You can still eat intuitively during the holidays!

Holidays are a wonderful part of life, and you should be able to enjoy them fully guilt-free! Food does not need to contribute to your holiday stress.

Here are some strategies to reduce holiday food stress from Team Temecula Dietitians:

  •  Don’t wait until the holidays to eat “holiday food”
    •  Restricting delicious foods lead to binges later
    •  Allow yourself unconditional permission to eat these foods all year long.
  •  Focus on the positive 
    •  Valuable family and friend time
    •  Sharing new and...
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Top 3 Tips to Repair Your Metabolism Today

Aug 25, 2021

This past week I posted this REEL on Instagram and figured I'd give you a little more right here in today’s vlog! In this vlog I share with you WHY your metabolism may be shot and how to repair it in 3 ways!! 

If you’re interested in learning more about healing your body and relationship to food, Food Freedom University opens for enrollment in less than 2 weeks! Jump on the waitlist HERE to get a coupon code for 10% off the course! 

xo, dietitian tianna 

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Why "Skinny Drops" Are Silly + How to Support a Healthy Metabolism

Jun 04, 2021

In today's VLOG I discuss the following topics:

1. What are "Skinny Drops" and why are they a waste of $$

2. Why we can't trick the cells of our bodies

3. Why your metabolism may be running slow an how to repair it

If you'd like to check out my Instagram post about this topic, you can do so by clicking HERE :)

Xo, Dietitian Tianna 

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There is No Such Thing as a "Healthy" Calorie Deficit

May 21, 2021

If you haven't checked out my recent reel on this subject, you can check it out HERE.

Here is why I say there is no such thing as a "healthy" calorie deficit:

Food deprivation (whether its mental or physical) will leave us wanting MORE. Our bodies biologically don't realize we're intentionally restricting, and our bodies will send signals to drive us to EAT. When we are in a deficit our bodies will try to encourage us to correct that through cravings and hunger signals. The more we ignore these cues, the more likely we are to binge or overeat.  

Although I do not promote intentional weight loss, some people do lose weight throughout their intuitive eating journeys. This is not because they're trying to be in a calorie deficit, but rather they likely were eating more than what their bodies needed because they were depriving themselves mentally and/or physically of food when struggling with diet culture mentality and body image. 

Food deprivation or attempting to...

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Breaking Down the Harvard Intermittent Fasting Article

Mar 22, 2021

"But, Tianna...why don't you support Intermittent Fasting? Harvard says it's good."

"Welp, Susan...Harvard is also a business and I'm going to now give you the nitty gritty on why I do not recommend this latest diet culture trend."

Let's jump in!

Xo, Dietitian Tianna 

PS To read the article I'm referencing in this vlog, click here.

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