6 Simple Tips to Navigate Holiday Eating

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2021

Holidays can be stressful for many reasons, and especially stressful for people on a journey to a better relationship with food.

Why are we so stressed out?

  •  Changes in mealtimes
  •  Different “comfort” foods
  •  Traveling
  •  Seeing family after a long time apart
  •  Dressing up for family meals
  •  Family members’ comments about appearance

Guess what?

You can still eat intuitively during the holidays!

Holidays are a wonderful part of life, and you should be able to enjoy them fully guilt-free! Food does not need to contribute to your holiday stress.

Here are some strategies to reduce holiday food stress from Team Temecula Dietitians:

  •  Don’t wait until the holidays to eat “holiday food”
    •  Restricting delicious foods lead to binges later
    •  Allow yourself unconditional permission to eat these foods all year long.
  •  Focus on the positive 
    •  Valuable family and friend time
    •  Sharing new and traditional recipes
  •  Honor your hunger and your fullness
    •  Try to maintain some of your normal eating patterns to avoid “hanger”
    •  Make sure to eat snacks and meals while preparing for the holidays 
      •  If you have kids, sitting down with them for their meals and snacks is a great reminder to take care of yourself too
    •  You don’t need to “save up” calories or “earn” ANY kind of food
    •  Remind yourself that you can have this food anytime, so you don’t need to eat beyond your comfort level for fear it won’t be available later
  •  Responses to judgement from others
    •  Change the subject
    •  Remind them that it is none of their business
    •  “You don’t need to worry about my plate”
    •  “I know best what my body needs”
    •  Excuse yourself from the room or the conversation. You don’t owe anyone explanation for your plate or your body!
    •  Find affirmations that resonate with you
    •  I trust my body to tell me what it needs
    • Food is more than just fuel
    •  I deserve to be nourished and satisfied
    •  I am grateful for my body bringing me to where I am today
    • Progress over perfection
    •  I choose self-care over self-control
    • Show yourself compassion
    • Sometimes you’ll eat beyond physical comfort, and that is okay! If this happens, try to wait out the discomfort by distracting yourself or talking with a close friend about how you feel.
    • Remember that a single meal, or day, or week of eating “comfort” foods will not make a difference in your weight or health in the long run
    • Especially prioritize self-care! Try to squeeze in a bubble bath, a walk, a nap, or a funny movie.

      XO, Team Temecula Dietitians


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